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While I was raised by a really beautiful and responsible couple, I still had a difficult life growing up - from poor health (mostly chronic migraine headaches) to something close to an “anti-social behavior” - I just couldn’t fit in. So for all the many years I spent by myself, I have engaged my brain in many ways – thinking, questioning and finding answers to the “issues” of life. Somehow, I liked it when I put these into writing, and I thought to myself, how beautiful it would be to share this with the “world”. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with you through this blog . I am not a pro-writer (at least not yet) but I hope that I could at least communicate clearly, my ideas, and hopefully bring some inspiration.

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Beautiful Landscape In Sandema

Located In The Upper East Region Of Ghana


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Staying True To Your Journey

Dear Diary, What if the solution to the challenges of life simply lie in embracing our journey? Imagine that you are in a world where no one is watching, no one is talking – just you! Would you still make the choices you made, would you be living the same life you are living? If […]

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