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Gertrude Aputiik

“Adversity is inevitable. But resilience is always possible” – Gertrude Aputiik

My name is Gertrude Aputiik – I am a learner! I am a dreamer! I am a goal-getter! Born in Sandema, a small rural community in the Upper East Region of Ghana. I was raised catholic but I am comfortable being called a Christian. My family is a group of beautiful souls that love God and humanity. Dad was a catechist in the Catholic Church and he served until his very last breath. Mum is a lead singer in the church choir, and I like to think that I inherited a bit of her musical genes…I don’t sing (at least not in public) but I love music and I play the instruments – I started drumming at age 8 and I play the piano too (not as perfect as I am with drums).

My journey has been a true reflection of what life is supposed to be – success, failures and everything in between.

Growing up I struggled with migraine headaches which threatened to deprive me of a normal happy life. But God has been faithful! I have fought back to get to where I am and I have never settled for what Life throws at me.

I wanted to understand human behavior and mental processes so I chose to study Psychology in the university. After my studies, I realized the need to do more than understanding people’s behaviors. I wanted to be impactful! I decided that if I would pursue further studies, then it had to be in the field of development studies where I can impact change especially through research and advocacy.

I believe anyone can achieve anything he puts his mind to. I know this because I am a product of such conviction - For a girl who never got the opportunity to travel around her own country; it was difficult imagining that my dream to travel the world was possible. Thankfully, it did happen! After my bachelor’s degree, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree. But this time the plan was to have an international study experience.

How is that even possible? But for my university education, all I had ever known and seen was nothing beyond my immediate setting. Thanks to a generous Dutch scholarship, I travelled outside the borders of my home country; I had a beautiful study experience, met new people, visited new places and more importantly, achieved a seemingly impossible goal. So this, I can say about myself – I am what optimism can do to a person when she keeps dreaming!

I am what optimism can do to a person when she keeps dreaming!

I believe writing is a calling!

I am not a person that plays with words. I am the person that sees life and situations differently, beyond mainstream thinking, beyond the obvious! And I am thankful for the opportunity to share, and hopefully bring inspiration.